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Nandos food hacks

Source: The Sun


1 – Nando’s Burrito


It’s simple, but effective.

All you need to do is order a wrap off the menu — preferably a beef one like the Prego Steak with Chilli Jam so that it’s close to a real burrito.

But make sure you order the spicy rice on the side.

Then when your food comes, get creative by opening up your wrap, tipping in the rice and bundling it up again.


2 – Cheesy garlic bread / mash

There are few things that can’t be improved with cheese — and that includes some of Nando’s grub.

Its garlic bread and mashed potato are already top-selling side dishes, but what if you want to make them extra decadent?

Simple. Just order them with your meal but ask for some cheese slices that are normally reserved for the sunset burger.

Most restaurants will be happy to melt the cheese for you, but if they don’t you can just do it yourself at the table.


3 – Fresh flavours for your chicken

Fancy a break from the normal selection of marinades?

Or are the spice levels a bit too much for your palate?

Feel free to ask for the Peri-tamer flavour off the kids menu for your meal.

The mellow barbecue taste is still delicious but it’s low calorie and doesn’t pack a punch.

The Peri-flamer is also available for diners who want the smokey taste of barbecue while keeping the kick of Peri spice.

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