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U.K. "Arms dealer" on trial

U.K. "Arms dealer" on trial

Source: Daily Mail


He was investigated after the National Ballistics Intelligence Service (NABIS) noticed an increasing number of pre-war handguns at crime scenes.

NABIS managed to arrest and convict an organised crime gang involved in supplying the firearms with the specially-made ammunition.

Experts realised tool markings on the ammunition matched those they had recovered over several years and collated as 'Operation Gold Dust'.

Opening the case, prosecutor Andrew Fisher QC said: 'This case concerns the supply of guns and live ammunition to criminal gangs both in the West Midlands and across the country.

'In March 2014, the police mounted an operation in an attempt to apprehend both those who supplied the guns and those who possessed them.

'The firearms experts at NABIS had noticed that since 2009 an increasing number of police recoveries were of pre-war handguns for which there was no commercially available ammunition.

'Most of these recoveries were specially-made ammunition for these guns, and examinations showed that much of this ammunition had been manufactured using the same equipment.

'Microscopic examinations enabled them to see tell-tale tool markings on the ammunition, rather like fingerprints, which all matched.

'Therefore, it appeared that the same person or manufacturer was supplying the specially-made or adapted ammunition that was recovered from over 100 crime scenes throughout the country.

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