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How to earn money from Instagram

How to earn money from Instagram

Source: Daily Mail


Accounts with 17,000 followers can earn £26,520 a year – above the average salary in the UK, whilst bigger influencers with over 100,000+ followers, representing over 10,000 UK accounts, could earn a six figure salary of £156,000 a year - the same as a Harley Street doctor or lawyer.

It’s up to influencers and brands whether or not these posts use #sp or #ad (which stand for 'sponsored' or 'advert'.)

A spokesperson for the app said: 'We’ve spoken to many influencers about this and some like to tell their followers if they’ve been paid by a brand, and some feel like those hashtags aren’t necessary if they genuinely love the brand they’re promoting – which in many cases they do.

'We’ve also asked consumers whether they’re put off by the use of those hashtags. Three-quarters say they’re not put-off by the inclusion of hashtags: #sp, #spon or #ad.'

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