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Crazy bride to be

Crazy bride to be

Source: The Sun 


Bride-to-be Shelly B was slapped with an 18-month suspended sentence and ordered to complete 200 hours of unpaid work


Mr Gibbs, a builder from Waterlooville, Portsmouth, suffered cuts and bruises to his head, legs and arms as he tried to stop his future wife drink driving, a court has heard.


Portsmouth Crown Court heard businesswoman Betram snapped into a rage just two weeks before the couple’s wedding when she spotted Mr Gibbs smoking indoors after they got home from a night out.


She stormed out of their home and got behind the wheel of the brand new Range Rover that her partner had bought for her.


Bertram, who had been drinking, was about to drive away when Mr Gibbs flung himself onto the bonnet in a bid to stop her.


However, the court heard she ‘floored it’ onto the A3M, with Mr Gibbs screaming at her to stop as his legs were dragged along the road.


He eventually jumped off the front of the car three and half miles down the road, where he lay injured until a cabby spotted him and called 999.



Clive Gibbs was left with cuts and bruises all over his body after clinging to the bonnet for three and a half miles


Bertram fled to her friend’s house, before then going to another man’s house where she was arrested by police.


A breath test revealed she had 48 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath – the legal limit is 35.


Prosecutor Kelly Brocklehurst told the court: “The defendant did not pause for a moment to check if her future husband was all right as he jumped from her bonnet.


“She just drove away.”


Self-employed builder Mr Gibbs said he lost a lucrative £250,000 roofing contract after not being able to cope with work in the months after the incident on June 12 last year.


Mr Gibbs said: “That night absolutely destroyed me, she was supposed to be marrying me.


“It has destroyed my life, after that I felt absolutely gutted. 


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