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Life of a male escort

Life of a male escort

Source: The Sun


Another, from London, said: “We met up for a drink but one thing led to another and before I knew it I found myself ripping your clothes.

“You are an extremely naughty young man!”

But, when it comes to booking his clients, Madison makes sure he allows himself plenty of time planning each “encounter” – and tries to limit himself to one booking a week.

He says: “The type of client I enjoy spending time with, they tend to book me for three to four hours – or maybe 24 hour bookings.

“This requires a certain amount of planning, thought and preparation.

“It’s not like a normal date where you can turn up and see how it goes.

“When a client is paying you a certain amount of money, they expect a certain level of ‘service’ – so you can’t rock up and wing it.

“For example, I’ve got a booking coming up that involves shopping, I know she wants to do some shoe shopping, then dinner and I’m pretty sure she wants a BDSM session included in there as well.

“There’ll probably be breakfast in the morning – so on and so forth.


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But Madison is quick to add that if he isn’t “attracted” to a prospective client, then he won’t take their money.

He says: “If there’s no physical attraction, then it’s a no-goer.

“The thing with attraction is that it’s more than

just physical.

“I may not look at her and have an instant gut-level attraction, but through talking to her, it could be her sexuality or her confidence, a lot of those things can trip attraction.

“But if there’s nothing there then there’s no point in me taking her money – because I’m not going to be able to give her what she wants – you have to be very tactful and honest.”

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